My apologies for having taken so long to get this newsletter together for mailing.

Since arriving back in the Philippines on October 31, 2017, we have been continuing the work that God has given us. The Schools of Ministry (SOM) have been in operation since March 3, 2018. The SOM in Rosario, La Union, has been meeting every first and third Thursday of every month, while the one in Baguio City has been meeting every first and third Saturday. We have completed the first year of teaching in these two schools.

We have also opened a new SOM at Bishop Arnold Aragon’s church in Tarlac City. This is the 25th SOM to open in Asia. We meet there every first and third Tuesday of the month. Please pray that these schools will continue to prosper, that God will use them to reap a great harvest in the Philippines, and that He will send forth laborers into the nations of Asia. Two ladies, who attend the SOM in Baguio, both in their 70s, have already begun doing missionary work in Asia.

In addition to my teaching, I have continued to preach at the church in Urquico every second Sunday of the month, and at CCC Tarlac every last Sunday.

Remy has been doing great and her health keeps improving. She continues to travel with me to the SOMs and still translates for me every second Sunday in Urquico. Remy has also had some speaking engagements. She spoke at CCC Tarlac on February 11 for their Valentines night. She goes to the market every day and ministers to the vendors and other shoppers. Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless her with good health and strength.

Remy translating as I preach

Ethan has been very diligent in his homeschooling and is almost done with his grade nine curriculum. By the time you are reading this, he will most likely have finished grade nine. He looks forward to going back to a “regular” school in June. He leads worship in Urquico at least twice a month since we returned. In addition to this, he has started playing the keyboard for the worship team in Urquico. Please pray that the Lord will continue to give him wisdom in his studies and increase his effectiveness in his ministry.

Ethan leading worship

Natanya has finished Kindergarten and had her “Moving Up” ceremony on April 5. She was asked by the faculty to give the “Words of Gratitude” on behalf of her class. She received six medals for her achievements. Natanya will begin grade one at the beginning of the new school year in June. She is a very bright student, but she has problems with reading. She is active in school activities and recently competed in a poem recital, where she received an award for participation. She is now very active in Urquico’s dance ministry, but she continues to sing with her brother and cousins whenever we visit a church. We praise the Lord that her birth certificate has been approved and, by the time you receive this, it will have been registered with the National Statistic Office. However, we now face the challenge of finalizing the adoption. Please pray that this process will run smoothly so that she can come with us on our next furlough. Also, pray that she will have an eagerness to learn and a desire to serve God.

Natanya & Remy picking grapes

Thank you for your continued prayer support as well as your financial support. May God’s blessings continue to overflow daily in your life.

Douglas, Remy, Ethan, And Natanya Barton