Dear Faithful supporters, Pastors, Missions Directors, and Conference Leaders.

First, let us begin by saying how much we appreciate your faithful support over the years. We are now in our 13th year, and what a busy year it is. On May 28, we will return to Belize for the ministry we have scheduled this summer. There are six teams scheduled back to back, one on the plane – one off the plane. Unfortunately, our budget is not in place for us to stay, therefore, we will be returning to the U.S. to complete our itineration. If we have not yet been a part of one of your church services, please contact us by email so that we may schedule a time to attend a service at your church. We may begin scheduling services in September, but this will depend on how Gene does this summer. Whether or not he has to have knee replacement surgery upon returning to the U.S. will determine our plans for sure.


One of our driving forces this summer, aside from the youth camp, women’s conference, and VBS, is seeing the Karen Boggs Memorial Chapel near completion. The structure and bond beams have been poured, and we are now ready for the red iron in preparation for the roof structure (see photo). A lot has happened since the beginning of our itineration. We had a couple in Belize last summer who has been there once before. They found out that Gene was having to ride a horse into Guatemala for the churches we have there, and told their pastor, upon their return, they needed to raise money to bless us with a John Deere Gator (see photo). Within three months, they (Unity PH in the SC Conference) had raised enough money to purchase a new, four-seat John Deere Gator, with four-wheel drive and a wench on the front. We have, since, added an enclosure so we can stay dry in blowing rain. We have two villages that have asked us to come and establish churches in their areas. These are located in remote areas where we doubt there will ever be roads, electricity, or running water. The Gator will enable us to go to those villages, where there is no church, and establish one. We truly are “your hands extended” to a dying world, and our feet walk where you are not able. We would also like to thank the South Carolina Conference for offering to pay the shipping costs for the Gator from Lott, Texas to Belize. A shipping company is taking it from South Carolina to Lott, Texas free of charge. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!