We prayerfully value all generations

We have served as missionaries in various capacities over a span of thirty years. Looking back, we both realize that there has been quite a number of generational changes taking place at least every decade. From the time of typing newsletters with a typewriter to the current advanced technological era of cell phones, internet, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc., each generation has had an impact on those whom they served on the mission field. Of course, each generation has, and always will, continue to face its own challenges and celebrate its own victories.

During our time of service, we have trained, empowered, and released many leaders of all generations for ministry. Countless people have come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ through different approaches to ministry. At our age, we pray that God will keep our minds fresh and relevant to this current generation, which we choose to embrace and mentor. In Maputo, Mozambique, we have mentored a young couple to lead a new church plant, which has grown to 300 people. We sent the husband to Bible school to empower and equip him for ministry. He has now become the superintendent of a conference. We also sent the wife for training to become a pre-school teacher. With our help, she started a preschool in the church, which has an enrollment of 40 children and growing. We never get too old to empower people and leaders of all ages.