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PTP Rápido y Alimentar a los hambrientos

PTP Rápido y Alimentar a los hambrientos

El Camino del Corazón Escrito por: Michelle Hilliard Muchos de mis amigos saben que a menudo pregunto: "¿Cómo está tu corazón?". Esto no es algo que uno pueda preguntarle a un conocido casual, pero conocer el camino del corazón es clave en nuestra relación con Dios y...

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PTP Rápido y Alimentar a los hambrientos

PTP Fast and Feed the Hungry

The Way Of The Heart Written By: Michelle Hilliard Many of my friends know that I often ask, “how’s your heart?” This isn’t something one can ask a casual acquaintance, but knowing the way of the heart is key in our relationship with God and others. Love is the...

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Espigar mientras Ella espera

Espigar mientras Ella espera

Por Erica Campbell "Y Ruth la moabita le dijo a Noemí: 'Déjame ir a los campos y recoger el grano sobrante detrás de cualquiera cuyos ojos encuentre favores'". Ruth 2: 2 A menudo, mientras leo sobre Ruth, la niña en mí encuentra los elementos románticos y de cuento de...

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Espigar mientras Ella espera

Gleaning While She Waits

By Erica Campbell “And Ruth the Moabite said to Naomi, ‘Let me go to the fields and pick up the leftover grain behind anyone whose eyes I find favor.’” Ruth 2:2 Often while reading about Ruth, the little girl in me finds the romantic, fairytale elements of her story...

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Boletín Hancock: Mayo de 2018

Estimados partidarios Fieles, Pastores, Directores de Misiones y Líderes de Conferencia. Primero, comencemos diciendo cuánto apreciamos su fiel apoyo a lo largo de los años. Estamos en nuestro decimotercer año, y qué año tan ocupado es. El 28 de mayo, regresaremos a...

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A Grand Story For The Generations

Written By: Jana DeLano

As our spiritual birthright, God invites us to participate in His grand redemptive narrative. The Bible is a collection of stories which God felt we needed to know and understand. I doubt if He wants us to know the stories because of the individuals or even the battles and victories. Rather, He wants us to experience how the stories make us feel. The stories reassure us that God is in every detail of our own stories. Universally, people have an innate feeling to know that someone cares, sees them for who they are, and accepts them. It’s important that we help others understand that God knows and accepts them even when their neighbors may not. We have an opportunity to provide that sense of caring and belonging for others too. We can create environments to foster belonging and create spaces to share our highs and lows. Millennials are more likely than any other generation to say they have felt loneliness and isolation due to stress in the past month. So, ask God who may need you to reach out to them! Reach outside your comfort zone and your usual circle of friends to invite others into your story. We all know someone who needs a friend.

God is the author of our stories! If we accept God as our savior and author, he will use our ordinary lives to fulfill his promise of a grand redemptive story. As God’s Word states in John 1:1-5, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” God has a plan for our lives! Our lives demonstrate our understanding of our brokenness, His plan for redemption, and our need for community. Our stories reveal who we are and our potential in Christ. In the 7 Family Ministry Essentials, Dr. Michelle Anthony explains, “The Big God Story gives us an accurate and awe-inspiring perspective into how God has been moving throughout history. It is the story of redemption, salvation, and hope and tells how we have been grafted into it by grace. It further compels us to see how God is using every person’s life and is creating a unique story that deserves to be told for His glory.”

It will take intentionality but to understand God’s grand redemptive narrative through the lens of other generations creates hope. Barbara Hirsch in Theology of Family Ministry says, “They need the telling of stories, the close ongoing contact so they can learn and be accepted. If nobody is there to talk to, it is difficult to get the lessons of your own life so that you are adequately prepared to do the next thing.” Allow me to encourage you that the plot twist which seems overwhelming is not surprising to God. He is resolute and His Word is our constant. Show others what you believe God’s purpose is for your story. Don’t allow the wrong part of the story to impede your progress! Sometimes, the plot twists and betrayal will churn our insides. In those moments, God desires our hearts to turn to Him and we can model how to discern the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. Each story of our lives will have a distinct impact and will live on through generations as the church family and our family members share our stories. Let the author of life write your story.

Learn to share your story! It’s so important that we don’t project the image that we have our mess under control. Instead, be authentic and share those moments when God is building your faith muscles. Those younger than you need to know how to maintain an open communication and be authentic. Model for those younger than yourself how to include every generation.

The story of death and resurrection is timeless. It gives us the needed hope for generations to come. Yet our stories are so much more than just a summary of accomplishments for a eulogy. Our stories are about how we treat people, how we make them feel, and the feelings that will remain long after our earthly bodies return to dust. We know the ending of our stories reunites us with our Creator and that hope will sustain you. God wins the battle over Satan. In that environment of belonging, share with others how you experience the Holy Spirit at work in your daily life. Tell the stories of our faith!

Boletín Janssen: Junio de 2018

Boletín Janssen: Junio de 2018

Se fuerte

No es de extrañar que no me sienta a gusto en un país como este, donde templo tras templo muestra los horribles «dioses» de este pueblo. Los veo recogiendo las hermosas flores amarillas que crecen profusamente en los arbustos a lo largo de las carreteras del campo. Los colocan cuidadosamente en cestas y los colocan delante de sus ídolos preferidos. Cuando veo esto, siento una tristeza que se arrastra en mi corazón, y me pregunto a mí mismo, «¿y si hubiera nacido en este país y enseñado a adorar a estos ídolos grotescos? ¿Alguna vez habría escuchado la verdad sobre el amor de Dios por la humanidad caída? «

Vuelvo a mi juventud y medito sobre la sabiduría de nuestro Señor para permitirme nacer en una familia católica romana. Hace años, pensé, «¿por qué no nací en una familia de creyentes nacidos de nuevo?» Hubiera sido un camino mucho más fácil hacia la salvación.

Nunca más pienso así. Primero que nada, aprendí la verdad sobre la soberanía de Dios. Él hace lo que quiere, no lo que nosotros preferimos. En segundo lugar, después de ministrar en Asia y África, le agradezco al Señor todos los días que crecí en una familia que al menos reconocía al único y único Dios. La Biblia nunca fue abierta, pero aprendimos algo de verdad del catecismo.

La primera pregunta que tuve para Dios, que se ha quedado grabada en mi mente durante toda mi vida fue, «¿por qué estamos en la tierra?» La respuesta que descubrí fue, «glorificar a Dios y adorarlo para siempre». Gracias Señor: este fue un gran comienzo para buscar más respuestas a las preguntas de la vida.

Después de la salvación, la Biblia se convirtió en mi posesión más preciada, y esta preciosa Palabra de Dios es la razón por la que continúo sirviendo en estos países oscuros. ¡Las personas en estos lugares necesitan escuchar la verdad! Ahora, tengo setenta años, con algunos dolores y dolores sordos, pero mi Dios me ha dado este versículo para depender de: «¿No te he mandado? Se fuerte y valiente. No tengas miedo, y no te desanimes. El Señor, tu Dios, estará contigo dondequiera que vayas. «Josué 1: 9

Una vez más, hemos hecho otro vuelo largo a algunos de los países donde nuestro Señor Jesús no se conoce, donde reina la oscuridad absoluta, y en una miseria incalculable, la vida se vive bajo la esclavitud del maligno. Oramos por sabiduría, fortaleza y la evidencia del poder del Espíritu Santo para liberar al pecador.

Janssen Newsletter: June 2018

Janssen Newsletter: June 2018

Be strong

No wonder I cannot feel at ease in a country like this, where temple after temple displays the hideous “gods” of this people. I see them picking the beautiful yellow flowers that are growing profusely on the bushes along the country roads. They carefully put them in baskets and place them before their preferred idols. When I see this, I feel a sadness creeping into my heart, and I ask myself, “what if I was born in this country and taught to worship these grotesque idols? Would I have ever heard the truth about God’s love for fallen humanity?”

I go back to my youth and ponder the wisdom of our Lord to let me be born in a Roman Catholic family. Years ago, I thought, “why was I not born in a family of born-again believers?” It would have been a much easier road to salvation.

I never think like this anymore. First of all, I learned the truth about the sovereignty of God. He does whatever He wants, not what we prefer. Secondly, after ministering in Asia and Africa, I thank the Lord daily that I grew up in a family that at least acknowledged the one and only God. The Bible was never opened, but we learned some truth out of the catechism.

The very first question I ever had for God, which has stuck in my mind throughout my whole life was, “why are we on the earth?” The answer that I discovered was, “to glorify God and worship Him forever.” Thank you, Lord: this was a great start in looking for more answers to life’s questions.

After salvation, the Bible became my most prized possession, and this precious Word from God is the reason that I continue to serve in these dark countries. The people in these places need to hear the truth! Now, I am seventy years old, with some dull aches and pains, but my God has given me this verse to depend on, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed. The Lord, your God, will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Again, we have made another long flight to some of the countries where our Lord Jesus is not known, where stark darkness prevails, and in untold misery, life is lived under the bondage of the evil one. We pray for wisdom and strength and the evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit to set the sinner free.

Un tributo a Eleanor Deane Cates Rousseau (1925-2018)

Eleanor Deane Cates Rousseau, de 92 años, falleció el martes 5 de junio de 2018 en su casa en Newnan, Georgia, rodeada de familiares. Ella nació en Newnan el 19 de septiembre de 1925, al difunto Herman Pratt Cates y Janie Cole Cates.

Junto con sus padres, Eleanor es precedida en la muerte por su esposo James Rousseau. Le sobreviven sus hijastros, Kenneth Rousseau, Hank Rousseau y su esposa Denise; sobrina, Kathy Parham y su esposo James; sobrino, Chris Cates; sobrinos nietos, Mark Parham, Shawneen Parham, Brenden Parham; hermana, Ruby Cates y hermano Herman «Princeton» Cates.

El servicio fúnebre de Eleanor es el viernes 8 de junio de 2018 a las 11:00 a.m. en la capilla de la funeraria McKoon, 38 Jackson Street, en Newnan con el reverendo O.C. Collins y el reverendo Steven Craven oficiando. La familia recibirá amigos los viernes de 10:00 a.m. hasta la hora de servicio en la funeraria. El entierro será el viernes a las 3:00 p.m. en el cementerio de Franklin Springs en Royston, GA.

Eleanor llegó a Hong Kong en 1947 con Evelyn y Sybil Rousseau para comenzar su trabajo misionero. Hasta la apertura de Wing Kwong College, el trabajo principal de Eleanor fue con estudiantes de Wing Kwong Primary School en Shaukeiwan. Ella enseñó clases de Biblia y tuvo servicios especiales los martes, miércoles y jueves para los estudiantes que deseaban recibir a Cristo como su Salvador personal. En 1954, Eleanor Cates y Mavis Lee Oakley, que habían dejado Hong Kong debido a la Guerra de Corea, abordaron un barco y zarparon para regresar a Hong Kong desde que terminó la guerra. En 1974, cuando el director John y Norma Jean Burnette y su familia decidieron abandonar Hong Kong, la dirección de la escuela secundaria (Wing Kwong College) recayó en los hombros de la entonces directora asistente, la señorita Cates. Sirvió durante 41 años en Hong Kong y se retiró del Ministerio de Misiones Mundiales en noviembre de 1988. Eleanor sintió un llamado a Israel donde sirvió después de su retiro.

«La familia misionera de IPHC extiende sus condolencias a las familias Cates y Rousseau. Eleanor vivió y modeló una vida extraordinaria. Ella era una sierva fiel y una venerada misionera. Su legado en Hong Kong sigue dando sus frutos «. Obispo Talmadge Gardner

A Tribute to Eleanor Deane Cates Rousseau (1925-2018)

Eleanor Deane Cates Rousseau, age 92, passed away Tuesday, June 5, 2018, at her home in Newnan, GA surrounded by family. She was born in Newnan on September 19, 1925, to the late Herman Pratt Cates and Janie Cole Cates.

Along with her parents, Eleanor is preceded in death by her husband James Rousseau. She is survived by her step-children, Kenneth Rousseau, Hank Rousseau and his wife Denise; niece, Kathy Parham and her husband James; nephew, Chris Cates; great-nephews, Mark Parham, Shawneen Parham, Brenden Parham; sister, Ruby Cates and brother Herman “Princeton” Cates.

The funeral service for Eleanor is Friday, June 8, 2018, at 11:00 AM in the chapel of McKoon Funeral Home, 38 Jackson Street, in Newnan with Rev. O.C. Collins and Rev. Steven Craven officiating. The family will receive friends on Friday from 10:00 AM until service time at the funeral home. Burial will be Friday at 3:00 PM at Franklin Springs Cemetery in Royston, GA.

Eleanor arrived in Hong Kong in 1947 with Evelyn and Sybil Rousseau to begin her missionary work.  Until the opening of Wing Kwong College, Eleanor’s primary work was with students of Wing Kwong Primary School in Shaukeiwan.  She taught Bible classes and had special services on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for students who wished to receive Christ as their personal Savior. In 1954, Eleanor Cates and Mavis Lee Oakley, who had left Hong Kong due to the Korean War, boarded a ship and set sail to return to Hong Kong since the war had ended.  In 1974, when Principal John and Norma Jean Burnette and their family decided to leave Hong Kong, the principalship of the high school (Wing Kwong College) fell on the shoulders of then assistant principal Miss Cates. She served for 41 years in Hong Kong and retired from World Missions Ministries in November 1988.  Eleanor then felt a calling to Israel where she served after her retirement.

“The IPHC missionary family extends its condolences to the Cates and Rousseau families.  Eleanor lived and modeled an extraordinary life.  She was a faithful servant and a revered missionary. Her legacy in Hong Kong continues to bear fruit.” – Bishop Talmadge Gardner